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Design and public policy

The design of public policy is an expanding area. Traditionally, it referred to the design of the relationship of the administrations and politicians with users (in terms of spaces and communication). Today,  increasingly, design as a discipline  invades both administrative and management procedures and processes, as well as organization and structuring of governance bodies and their functioning. Is only the beginning of the line of work of Design as a discipline.

Design and technological challenges

The 21 century is conditioned by the technological developments and, in particular, by digital technologies. These progresses are contributing to design as a discipline similar changes, if not greater, to the first third of the 20th century, in addition to becoming the dominant area of our discipline, in economic terms.

Design, culture and diversity

We are in a century of manifestation, organization and management of diversity and multiplicity of the human, of social groups differentiated by identification factors that generate rights. And one of the rights of the different and the diverse is the good Design of everything has to do with this multiplicity as well as consolidation, not only in so-called Western societies.

Design for sustainability, health and well-being

In the 20th century there are notable ones referring to these areas, but in this new century, they are transforming into professional lines of new areas of Design as a discipline: humanizing services, health centers and the relationships of health professionals or attending well-being in the domestic and urban spheres. Design intervenes in all areas to make human life and life on the planet sustainable.

Design, methodology and processes

The use of the concept design as equivalent to «plan or project» starts to acquire professional overtones in multiple fields that are influencing in the methodology of Design, from the specific methodologies of these fields. This affects design in the procedures, the management and structure of processes of our discipline as well as other fields and areas.

Design in other areas of knowledge

Digitization and Design are determining factors in the development of applications and innovations in disciplines that traditionally used the term “design” associated with planning or planning. Now they become processes in autonomous fields within their own disciplines with their own codes or goals and with their own methodology. It is important to investigate what is happening here.

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