MALAGA — LISBOA 27-11 / 1-12 (2023)

Presentations, workshops and scientific contributions from 15 countries on the impact and application of design and innovation in our society.

Design and Complexity.
Conference International Senses & Sensibility’23.

Design & Complexity intends to collect original contributions from researchers, practitioners, students and academics from the openness to interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches that raise, as we pointed out in the 2021 conference the role of “inter/trans-actions” activatable in design for the construction of long-term scenarios.

The “Inter-actions” and “trans-actions” of the 12th Conference of 2023 are thus concretized in plans with open and hybrid 360º horizons to activate processes that can involve design practices from within, on the periphery and beyond the discipline of Design and enable design capabilities from a “multiversal” perspective, requiring the interpretation, among others, of the following fields, places or possible territories: Interiors and peripheries, beyond borders…

About People

Organisers, co-organisers, partners and members of the Senses & Sensibility’23 team.

About Organizers

Organisers, co-organisers, partners, and members of the Senses & Sensibility’23 team.

Program Tracks

Areas of research and proposal development.

Design and public policy

Design, culture and diversity

Design, methodology and processes

Design and technological challenges

Design for sustainability, health and well-being

Design in other areas of knowledge

Program Activities

Lectures, workshops,
seminars, meetings and cultural activities.

Workshops 30 THURSDAY – 15:00/18:00H

Envision Possibilities: An exploratory workshop on speculative design with AI

Hande Ayanoglu, Filipa Alves y Eduardo Gonçalves

Workshops 29 WEDNESDAY – 15:00/18:00H

Exploring Places for Life: Applying Inclusive Design Principles to Public Places and Spaces.

Minna Eronen and Åsa Wikberg Nilsson.


Seminar 29 WEDNESDAY – 15:45/18:00H

Transferencias/design. Graphic Heritage Manolo Prieto. Towards a collaborative conservation of cultural heritage.

María Luisa Walliser

Seminar 30 Thursday – 15:00/18:00H

Transferencias/design. Memory of Malaga and Andalusian Design: archive and legacy Antonio Herráiz.

David López

Seminar 30 THURSDAY – 11:00/14:00H

Transfers/design. Roles and value of Design in building sustainable cities

Juan Aguilar and Javier Fernández

Workshops 30 THURSDAY – 11:00/14:00H

Design for sustainable social innovation. Creating new forms of co-creation.

Dalia Sendra Rodriguez, Ana Margarida Ferreira and Carlos A. M. Duarte

Workshops 29 WEDNESDAY – 9:30/12:30H

Enhancing Government-Citizen Communication: Exploring Information Design, Plain Language, and Public Innovation

Claudia Mont’Alvão

Seminar 30 THURSDAY – 17:00/18:00H

Rrremaker. Reuse Reduce Recycle AI-based platform for an automated and scalable Maker culture in the circular economy

Ana García López

Visits FRIDAY, 1stDECEMBER – 18:30/H

Visit Museum Casa Natal Picasso

Museum: Museo Casa Natal

Day: Friday, 1st December

Hour: 18:30

People: 25

Location: Plaza de la Merced, 15

Visits FRIDAY, 1st DECEMBER – 16:30/H

Visit Centre Pompidou Málaga

Museum: Centre Pompidou

Day: Friday, 1st December

Hour: 16:30

People: 25

Location: Pasaje Doctor Carrillo Casaux, s/n. 29016, Muelle Uno, Puerto de Málaga

Visits SATURDAY, 2nd DECEMBER – 10:30/H

Visit Colección Museo Ruso/Málaga

Museum: Colección Museo Ruso

Day: Saturday, 2nd December

Hour: 10:30

People: 25

Location: Avenida Sor Teresa Prat, 15. Edificio de Tabacalera

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