Program Activities
David López.
Seminar 30 Thursday - 15:00/18:00 H

Transferencias/design. Memory of Malaga and Andalusian Design: archive and legacy Antonio Herráiz.

David López


Title: Memoria del Diseño malagueño y andaluz: archivo y legado Antonio Herráiz.

Director: David López Rubiño (UGR)

Day: 30 November

Time: 15:30 to 18:00 hours

Participants: Maximum 25


The seminar aims to open a debate on the construction of a design memory in Andalusia. 


The debate will take as its starting point the casuistry related to the management of the legacy of the Malaga designer, Antonio Herráiz, a reflection that begins as a result of the retrospective exhibition Antonio Herráiz. Málaga diseñada (Sala Mingorance de Archivo Municipal de Málaga - 2022). This case opens up a key question: What to do with a "legacy" (a documentary collection) of a leading figure of design developed in Malaga over the last 38 years, a key piece for a possible memory of design in Andalusia? This question allows us to situate ourselves in a more general problematic scenario, which has to do with the evident loss of essential references for the documentation and reconstruction of a memory of design in Andalusia.


The round table debate aims to coordinate the points of view of the different agents who, from complementary places, can participate in the recovery, conservation and construction of a memory of Andalusian design. Necessary points of view that interweave the fields of research, conservation, curatorship, cultural management, dissemination, training and, of course, the work of design professionals in Andalusia. 


The aim of the seminar is to facilitate a debate to find short, medium and long-term solutions to prevent the loss of the memory of Andalusian Design.



Transferencias.Design-AAD, Manolo Prieto Foundation, Rey Juan Carlos University, University of Malaga, Malaga City Council, AAD-Andalusian Association of Designers and Dimad-Association of Designers of Madrid. 



Sofía Rodríguez (National Museum of Decorative Arts), Félix de la Fuente (National Museum of Decorative Arts), Angela Rodríguez (President of the Andalusian Association of Designers -AAD), Antonio Herráiz (Designer), Fernando Infante del Rosal (Estudio El Golpe. Cultura del entorno / Department of Aesthetics and History of Philosophy - University of Seville).

Granada Barrero (Granada Barrero Estudio - Former President of the AAD), among others.

Programa Actividades

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Seminar 30 Thursday – 15:00/18:00H

Transferencias/design. Memory of Malaga and Andalusian Design: archive and legacy Antonio Herráiz.

David López

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Museum: Museo Casa Natal

Day: Friday, 1st December

Hour: 18:30

People: 25

Location: Plaza de la Merced, 15

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