Program Activities
Juan Aguilar and Javier Fernández
Seminar 30 THURSDAY - 11:00/14:00 H

Transfers/design. Roles and value of Design in building sustainable cities

Juan Aguilar and Javier Fernández


Title: Roles and value of Design in building sustainable cities

Directors: Javier Fernández and Juan Aguilar

Duration: 2:30 hours

Timetable: 09:30-12:30h

Participants: Maximum 25


The seminar will highlight previous experiences in the development of Design as a factor of transformation of public administrations with the aim of planning a biannual, bimodal, bilingual and hybrid Congress (academic-scientific and professional meeting) in Malaga in 2025. We call it "Málaga Design Congress 2025" and it will have as its thematic reference the construction of sustainable cities: Functions and value of Design. For the development of the project we will follow the steps and collaborative experiences of Transferencias.Design.



Transferencias.Design-AAD, University of Malaga, University of Deusto, University Rey Juan Carlos, AAD-Andalusian Association of Designers and Dimad-Association of Designers of Madrid.



José Aldana, Ángela Rodríguez, Granada Barrero, Mariano Sarmiento, Piia Lehtinen, Pablo Prieto, Marcelo Leslabay, Carlos Romero...

Programa Actividades

Related activity.

Workshops 30 THURSDAY – 15:00/18:00H

Envision Possibilities: An exploratory workshop on speculative design with AI

Hande Ayanoglu, Filipa Alves y Eduardo Gonçalves

Workshops 29 WEDNESDAY – 15:00/18:00H

Exploring Places for Life: Applying Inclusive Design Principles to Public Places and Spaces.

Minna Eronen and Åsa Wikberg Nilsson.


Seminar 29 WEDNESDAY – 15:45/18:00H

Transferencias/design. Graphic Heritage Manolo Prieto. Towards a collaborative conservation of cultural heritage.

María Luisa Walliser

Seminar 30 Thursday – 15:00/18:00H

Transferencias/design. Memory of Malaga and Andalusian Design: archive and legacy Antonio Herráiz.

David López

Seminar 30 THURSDAY – 11:00/14:00H

Transfers/design. Roles and value of Design in building sustainable cities

Juan Aguilar and Javier Fernández

Workshops 30 THURSDAY – 11:00/14:00H

Design for sustainable social innovation. Creating new forms of co-creation.

Dalia Sendra Rodriguez, Ana Margarida Ferreira and Carlos A. M. Duarte

Workshops 29 WEDNESDAY – 9:30/12:30H

Enhancing Government-Citizen Communication: Exploring Information Design, Plain Language, and Public Innovation

Claudia Mont’Alvão

Seminar 30 THURSDAY – 17:00/18:00H

Rrremaker. Reuse Reduce Recycle AI-based platform for an automated and scalable Maker culture in the circular economy

Ana García López

Visits FRIDAY, 1stDECEMBER – 18:30/H

Visit Museum Casa Natal Picasso

Museum: Museo Casa Natal

Day: Friday, 1st December

Hour: 18:30

People: 25

Location: Plaza de la Merced, 15

Visits FRIDAY, 1st DECEMBER – 16:30/H

Visit Centre Pompidou Málaga

Museum: Centre Pompidou

Day: Friday, 1st December

Hour: 16:30

People: 25

Location: Pasaje Doctor Carrillo Casaux, s/n. 29016, Muelle Uno, Puerto de Málaga

Visits SATURDAY, 2nd DECEMBER – 10:30/H

Visit Colección Museo Ruso/Málaga

Museum: Colección Museo Ruso

Day: Saturday, 2nd December

Hour: 10:30

People: 25

Location: Avenida Sor Teresa Prat, 15. Edificio de Tabacalera

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